Fitel S177A Fusion Splicer Kit

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S177A Hand-Held Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer

Seamless Splicing from Trunk to FTTx

Most compact, lightweight core-alignment splicer in the industry!

New graphical user interface (GUI) to enhance ease-of-use.

Transreflective LCD allows clear view even in direct sunlight.

Best-in-industry fiber magnification-680X.

Built-in battery automatically charges when plugged into AC-even when splicing!

RoHS and Telcordia (GR-765-CORE) compliant



Splicing Method Core-Alignment

Applicable Single Fiber SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF, EDF

Average Insertion Loss SMF: 0.02dB, MMF: 0.01dB, DSF: 0.04dB, NZDSF: 0.03dB

Splice Time 9 sec

Heat Time 37 sec (40mm),  51 sec (60mm)

Splice/Heat Programs 150 available / 12available

Cleave Lenght 5-16mm (250µm),  10 or 16mm (900µm)

Dimension/Weight 130W×260D×137H mm / 2.20kg (4.85Ibs) [weight including battery]

Splice Memory 2000 splices

Operating Enviroment 0~4,000m,  -10 to +50℃ and 90% at 38℃

Data Output USB 1.1

Battery Life Internal - 70 splice / heat cycles

Power AC Input : 85 to 264V (50/60Hz), DC Input : 11 to 17V, Battery : Li-ion

Seamless Splicing from Trunk to FTTx

The FITEL S177A ushers in a whole new range of applications for core-alignment splicing : It delivers the same precision,  accuracy, and automated functionality of a conventional core-alignment unit, but with the speed, portability, and covenience of a hand-held splicer. The S177A becomes your versatile best choice for FTTx, LAN, backbone, or long-haul installations.

Compact, Lightweight Body

At nearly half the weight and size of FITEL's standard core-alignment unit, the S177A weight only 2.2kgs (4.85 pounds)-making it the first hand-held and most compact, lightweight core-aligning splicer in the industry. The T-shaped body design, measuring just 5 inches across, easily accommodates short fiber lengths. The magnesium alloy canopy and top base provide the rugged strength required for field operations. Highly accurate, it easily handles diverse applications-from trunk splicing to FTTx.n

New GUI & LCD Screen

Featuring a new GUI (graphical user interface) and transreflective LCD screen technology, the S177A operation is a snap! Function keys are simple and information displays are crisp and clear even in direct sunlight. The LCD display shows the splicing process with simultaneous X and Y  views, Fiber magnification is the highest available in the industry - 608X, and over 200 percent stronger then

FITEL's previous model, the S176.


P/N                       Description

S177-X-A-0001      Splicer Body

S177-X-S-0002       Spare Electrodes

S177-X-A-0003      Carrying Case

S943                      Internal Battery

S957                      AC Adapter

D5111                   Electrode Cleaning Disk

S177-X-S-0004       Manual


P/N                       Description

S177-X-S-0005      Cooling Tray

S177-X-S-0006       USB Cord

S177-X-A-0003      S177-X-S-0007

S707S-080              80µm Fiber Holder

S707S-250              250µm Fiber Holder

S707S-900             900µm Fiber Holder

S707S-400             400µm Fiber Holder

S210                     Furukawa Fiber Stripper

S211                     Miller Stripper

S325A                   Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver



Fiber Holder Type            Cleave Length

0: 16mm Tight Holder      125 / 250µm: 5~16mm;  125 / 900µm: 16mm

1: 10mm Tight Holder       80 / 150~200µm: 5mm; 125 / 250µm: 5~10mm; 125 / 900µm: 10mm

2: Fiber Holder System

    SOC Applicable            80 / 150~200µm: 5mm; 125 / 250~900µm: 10mm Case

3: Loose-Tube-Holder      125 / 250µm: 5~10mmI

One-Step Cleaving... In the Palm of your Hands

S325A Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver


One-Step Action

Cleave Anywhere! - In your Palm or on your desktop

Easy Fiber Loading

Simple Operation

High Capacity Waste Fiber Collection

durable design

  Easy maintenance on-Site


Fiber Types....................

Clad diameter...............

Coating diameter.........

Cleave Length...............


All fiber types, single to 12-fiber ribbons


0.25mm and 0.9mm for single fiber; 0.3mm to 0.4mm thickness for ribbons

Single Fiber: Fixed Length - 10 & 16mm   Variable Length - 3 to 20mm

Ribbon Fiber: 10mm Fixed Length

93W×68D×52H mm, 330g


* S325S80 High precision cleave for 80µm cleaving is also available.

P/N          Description                            Qty

S325X-01 Main Body                               1

S325X-02 Soft Carrying Case                   1

S325X-03 Normal Fiber Waste Bin           2

S325X-04 Single Fiber Adapter                  1

S325X-05 Large Capacity Fiber Waste Bin  1

FTS-B277 User's Manual                            1